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Dental Care for Every Kid

The staff at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry understands that dental office visits can cause anxiety — for our patients AND their parents. We’re trained to work with kids of all ages, and we do our best to ensure that every patient and parent is as comfortable as possible.

Preventive Pediatric Dental Services

Preventive care is the key to lifelong dental health. In our Peoria, AZ, office, we love to teach our patients and their parents proper hygiene techniques that keep each child’s developmental level — physical, intellectual, and emotional — in mind. When we see your child for their routine cleaning and exam, our dentists will explain their findings and recommendations. Our staff is always happy to answer your questions!

Our Therapy Dogs

Dr. Tran has 4 therapy dogs that she loves and cares for, they go home with her every night! These emotional support animals are here to help make your child’s visit be more enjoyable and relaxing!

Juno, Therapy Dog at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry


is a Maltipoo, she is our exuberant little pack leader! She loves belly scritches and most certainly loves going around the office to say ‘Hi’ to everyone!

Juno, Therapy Dog at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry


is also a Maltipoo, Gracie’s litter mate! He loves sniffing at your shoes and will cuddle up on your knee, his favorite spot!

Ruby, Therapy Dog at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry


is a Shih Tzu, our very shy and timid little boy! He is such a great snuggler, but sometimes he likes to poke his head up and watch his surroundings!

Ruby, Therapy Dog at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry


is a Maltipoo, she is our exuberant little pack leader! She loves belly scritches and most certainly loves going around the office to say ‘Hi’ to everyone!

Juno, Therapy Dog at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry


is an English Bulldog with a heart full of love for children. Her playful and cuddly nature makes her a joy to be around, and she has a special way of making everyone feel comfortable by snuggling up on the dental chair next to our patients, offering comfort and companionship!

Introducing AI Dental Caries Detection


At Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry, we remain committed to using the latest dental technology for the benefit of our patients.

We are now offering cutting-edge AI software to accurately interpret dental radiographs, enhance the precision of our diagnoses, and present the depth of dental caries in color.

This leap in technology means a deeper understanding of your child’s dental biology and options to either delay or perform dental treatment in a timely manner.

Waterlase Laser Therapy

With Waterlase, our pediatric dentists can perform a range of procedures, including cavity removal, gum disease treatment, and even tongue-tie corrections without the need for anesthesia or sedation. This minimally invasive approach reduces anxiety and eliminates the associated risks, making dental visits a breeze for children.

We Use the laser for the following procedures:

  1. White Fillings
  2. Root canal therapy
  3. Tongue tie release

Benefits of the Laser:

  1. No shots, no numbing
  2. No Drill, No vibration
  3. Faster treatment time
  4. Conserve more tooth structures
  5. Increase surface area for bonding the fillings
  6. No lip biting injury after treatment
  7. Patient can eat right away after treatment
ICON Resin Infiltration before and after

ICON Resin Infiltration

If your child has white spots on their teeth, we can reduce and eliminate these lesions in one visit with no shots or drilling. Ask us about our ICON process!

Ask us about a FREE dental exam for children 16 months old and younger!

Digital Dental X RayDigital X-Rays

Digital x-rays allow your dentist to visualize areas that we cannot see during a general examination. They allow us to monitor tooth and jaw growth and even decay. By utilizing digital technology, your child is exposed to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. The images are visible immediately on our computers. We can easily show you our findings and save the images for later comparison, print them, or send them to a specialist.

Dental Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment

As we all know, fluoride treatment helps prevent tooth decay. While we all have contact with it through foods and water, this treatment is a more concentrated form. It’s completely safe and recommended for children.

Dental Sealants graphic

Dental Sealants

Molars are difficult to completely clean with brushing and flossing. The chewing surfaces have grooves and depressions that can retain debris that causes cavities. Dental sealants are applied to these surfaces to protect the enamel and block plaque. Sealants may protect your child’s teeth from decay for up to 10 years!


pediatric fillings in Peoria, AZ

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Remember the days of silver fillings? Today, we use tooth-colored fillings that are much less noticeable. Your child will smile with confidence, and even the most amazing laughs won’t reveal any tell-tale fillings.

kid's dentist in Peoria, AZ


Removal of a tooth may be advised if the tooth is:

  • Affected by gum disease
  • Significantly decayed or damaged
  • Stuck (impacted)
  • Affected by trauma
  • Delayed (primary tooth must be removed for the permanent tooth to erupt)
  • Requested to be removed for orthodontic treatment

Dr. Tran will do whatever they can to ensure the comfort of your child during the extraction. Please read the post-extraction instructions carefully.

Dental exam room at Pleasant Pediatric Dentistry
We utilize a Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist for sedation dentistry!
Dental crowns in Peoria, AZ | Pleasant Pediatric Dentistryu


If a tooth is severely damaged or has decay that is too advanced for filling material, we may place a crown. A crown, or cap, will cover the tooth to restore its function. We will discuss the need for a crown and the available options based on tooth placement.

Tooth Restorations in Peoria, AZ


We do our best to ensure that your child’s primary teeth are preserved until they fall out naturally. If your child requires extensive treatment or special care, Dr. Tran works with a Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist to provide general anesthesia in an outpatient hospital setting. We will discuss this fully if it is necessary for your child.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry in Peoria, AZ

Sedation Dentistry

We offer two types of sedation dentistry:

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, may be used to reduce anxiety and enable a nervous child to relax enough to receive treatment or extensive treatment.

General anesthesia may be used for children who need extensive dental services and cannot tolerate sitting still for multiple appointments. It also may be used for children with intellectual, behavioral, or physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to receive treatment. Our Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist administers this sedation and monitors the child throughout treatment. The child will receive the necessary treatment and have no memory of it afterward.


 teeth cleaning in Peoria, AZ

Special Needs Dental Care

Dr. Tran completed three additional years of training to become pediatric dentist. This training includes learning best practices for working with children with special needs. Contact us if you have questions about special needs dental care.

5 kids looking down at the ground with their heads together
child Dentist in Peoria, AZ

Emergency Dental Care

When an emergency arises, call our office right away. If the event occurs outside of our regular office hours, we can usually see the patient within 24-48 hours without any lasting damage. The exception would be severe trauma or loss of a permanent tooth.

In the event of a lost permanent tooth, please place it in a small container with milk and call us immediately!
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